The Torres Family

1920+:  A blending together of old and new: from the past- and into the future; the Torres family is a blend of old school skilled craftsmen and the newest generation of barbers, redefining “classic”: barber shops, hair care products, and barber education. 

Our Story

The Beginning

Established in 1920: Great Grandpa Torres cut hair In Puerto Rico--- no one really knows when he was born- but we know he was the community barber in Salina, Puerto Rico.

The 2nd Generation

Papa Torres was 18 when he moved to New York City, working odd jobs and in the factories, to get by. After meeting Grandma Martha, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a barber. He finished barber school and worked full time as a barber in Manhattan to support his new wife and son, Andrew.

Papa Torres moved to Long Island, in 1966, and opened his first shop, in 1968, continuing the barber tradition. With the birth of Peter in 1972, the family legacy was established.

The 3rd Generation

Andrew and Peter both grew up in the family barber shop. Even Martha worked in the shop (licensed as a cosmetologist) through the years. It became a community affair- Andrew opened his first shop, with his dad’s blessing and help- at age 20, in East Quogue, Long Island. He operated that shop for 18 years, before moving his family to Georgia.